9 Living Room Accessories That Upgrade Your Space

August 4, 2022

Sitting in your living room, you see a terrible problem—nothing excites you. The space is dull, ordinary, and uninspiring. You want a living room that will feel fresh and welcoming, and you want to impress any guest that comes to visit you. But that feels hard to accomplish without spending thousands of dollars. 

Fortunately, we have a solution for you! Read on to learn about 9 inexpensive living room accessories that enhance your space beautifully.  

1. Dried Plants or Flowers

Recently, dried plants have become very trendy as they add good neutral colors to any space. These dried plants and flowers are also very easy to maintain—even if you don’t have a green thumb—because they don’t need watering. You only need to dust them every week or so to keep them in good condition. As another cost-benefit, you can dry your own flowers instead of purchasing some. 

2. Wall Baskets

Another way to add color to your wall is with hanging wall baskets. They add some warmth and homeyness to the room, and they coordinate well with a natural theme. You can use these with brown furniture, dried flowers, and live plants. Or pair them with something else to make your space uniquely you! 

3. Coffee Table Books

If you have a coffee table in your living room collecting dust, you can add some books to it, which will add more interest (and make the dust less noticeable!). Consider displaying some of your favorite books on the table so you can re-read them whenever. Or you can choose books that have fun covers to add complementary colors to your space. 

4. Candles

Candles add a nice lighting ambiance to any room, and they are great to pull out whenever you have company. You can find some scented ones that complete the homey smell of your room, or you can use unscented candles to get the lighting effect without the smell. You could also consider LED candles. They are much less of a fire hazard, and they last longer than regular candles—you only have to change their batteries! If you’re feeling more adventurous, there are many other different types of candles you can try. 

5. Textured Throw Pillows

When your couches start to look a bit plain, it’s time to add some textured throw pillows. These pillows invite people to sit on your couch and snuggle with them. They also add interest and a cozy feel to your living room. As you look for the perfect pillows, consider what accent colors they could bring, what shapes would best fit your couch, and what patterns would complement your living room. 

6. Stacked Mirrors and Framed Art

Who says you have to display everything in a single layer? If you have shelving space or a fireplace mantel, you can try stacking mirrors and frames to add more interest to your living room. Get mirrors and frames of different sizes that way you can lean them against each other for display. This trick is especially helpful when you find several frames that you like, but you don’t have enough space to display them. 

7. Blanket Ladder

If you have several family members, you know the couch can look cluttered when everyone has their blanket on it.  And those blankets become a problem in the summer because no one is using them, and they all end up on the floor. But the blanket ladder is the perfect solution! Not only does it provide storage for blankets when they are not in use, but it also serves as a cute display for all those adorable blankets you have. 

8. A Colorful Throw

You can add a colorful throw to your couch if you need to brighten up the room. This is the perfect touch when your living room needs just a bit more color. Also, try adding a matching throw pillow elsewhere in the room to carry over the accent color and create a cohesive look in your room. 

9. Geometric Tray

One unique item to add interest to your living room is a geometric tray. These trays are both decorative and functional as they can hold small decorative items for display. You know how the TV remote is always in a strange place or falling off the couch? You can use a geometric tray as the designated remote place. That way, you can find the remote without digging through the couch cracks (hopefully).  

We hope you feel inspired after reading about all of these fun and unique ways to spruce up your living room without breaking the budget. It might take some searching for the perfect living accessories, but give some of these tips a try and create a living room you’ll love!

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