Why I Use Mood Boards

February 18, 2021

A common challenge interior stylists and designers face is communicating a project’s vision to their clients. They might have trouble getting the client to visualize what they are trying to explain.

That’s why I use mood boards! As an interior stylist and designer, I might have a vision for the space, but conveying that vision to the client is when it becomes tricky. Mood boards are a key tool that help me convey my ideas and vision effectively, while also letting the client see what I am working on.

Why I Use Mood Boards

A mood board tells a visual story and makes it easy for my clients to see the potential that their space has. They can see all of the different aspects of a room together in one place.

Great mood boards are a powerful design and styling tool. They’re usually a collage of images like art, architecture, colors, furniture, materials, and much more, all intended to convey a particular style to the client.

Mood boards have to be well thought out and planned for them to work. I choose my images and materials carefully, making sure that every image projects the right style.

Tips for Making an Effective Mood Board

Making a mood board might sound easy, but effectively conveying the style of a finished room can be challenging. Here are some of my tips for creating an excellent mood board.

Take your time.

Don’t rush. It takes time to piece together a space and find precisely the right images and materials you’re looking for.

Use digital platforms.

Some designers and stylists might prefer to make a tangible mood board, but I’ve found that digital boards are much easier to create, alter, and share with your clients. Some platforms that I have found to be helpful are Milanote, Canva, and Moodzer. Pinterest is a great resource for finding inspiration and images. Pinterest can also be used as a mood board, if used correctly. Creating a board for a specific client and pinning images or uploading images to that board is somewhat easier than using a mood board platform. Find the right mood board that fits with your work ethic and start creating!

Tell a story.

You want your mood board to tell a story about the room you’re designing or styling. Your clients should look at your board and know exactly what the space is used for and imagine themselves in it.

Include colors, textures, patterns, mood, and materials.

Your mood board should include all the relevant aspects of the final result, including colors, textures, patterns, mood, and materials. Something important to keep in mind is being able to easily share the mood board with your client. Chances are, the space you are designing is very important to them, so it is important for you to also bring them along the designing journey.

Mood boards are a great way to show your clients your thoughts and what you are envisioning for the space.

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