Creating a Dream Kids Space

January 19, 2023

Your home is your happy place, and it should be your kids’ happy place, too. Children don’t tend to have the same tastes as adults, though. While you might be happy lounging in a luxe, minimalist space, you should fill your kids’ hearts and brains with creativity, colors, and joy by making their space a place that inspires them. 

By incorporating these design tips in your kids’ spaces, you can turn them into a magical oasis in which they and their friends will want to spend time and make memories. 

Incorporate Your Kids’ Passions

Every kid has a passion that excites them; whether it’s dinosaurs, trains, princesses, or snowboarding, your child definitely has a hobby they love. To create a space that feels truly unique to them and turns every day into a magical experience, consider incorporating your child’s favorite passions, hobbies, and interests into their space. You can do this with themed furniture, posters, and decorations. 

Also, remember that a child’s room should be fun! Play with color and textures to add character and make the environment fun and cheerful. You can even make a weekend excursion out of it and bring your child along while you shop for paint, curtains, pillows, toys, and more.

Multi-functional Furniture

Children do more than just sleep in their rooms—they also use this space to relax, play, study, and chat with friends. Therefore, children’s rooms should not only be aesthetically pleasing and inspiring, but functional, too. 

To save space, try incorporating multifunctional furniture such as a stuffed animal that doubles as a chair, or a stool that doubles as multi-tiered storage. Your kids are probably the most creative people you know, so their space should be equally inspired! 

Make A Quiet Space

While your kids probably love to play, they also need quiet time to relax and get away from everything, just like adults. As such, you should ensure that you incorporate a special quiet place into their room design. Whether it’s a comfortable desk, a reading nook, or just a cubby corner dedicated to relaxing with a good book or some music, make sure that your children have a place to relax after they’re done playing. 

Things to Remember

Your ideal space to relax, sleep, and spend free time is probably a little different from your kids’ dream room. That’s one reason why creating a comfortable and inspiring space for your children in your home is so important! When you know your children have a place to go and enjoy themselves, you can enjoy some quiet time of your own without worrying. 

Incorporating multi-functional furniture, involving your kids’ passions, and ensuring that you have a quiet space for your children to relax will help them feel like home really is where the heart is.

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