Creating a Cozy Outdoor Space

August 9, 2021

Want to spend more time outdoors this summer and fall? You don’t have to be an interior stylist to put together a space you’re proud of. Keep reading for tips on how to create the ultimate cozy outdoor space for you and your loved ones to enjoy!

Outdoor Furniture

Getting some comfortable outdoor furniture is the first step to making an outdoor space you’ll never want to leave. With furniture, your deck, patio, or balcony becomes a place you can actually spend time in—it becomes inviting. Outdoor furniture can be as inexpensive or as pricey as you want, and you can choose pieces that will fit whatever space you have available.

A table and a place to sit are all you really need! If you want to invest a little bit more, you can include a loveseat, an all-purpose umbrella, or even a pergola or gazebo to really make the space feel complete. Add in some throw pillows and a place to put your feet up, and your outdoor space will be the perfect escape.

Ambiance Lightning

An outdoor space can come to life with some mood lighting. There are near endless options for lighting, including string lights stretching over your cozy sitting area, remote-control candle lanterns strewn across every surface, and a variety of landscape lights that can illuminate a path or change colors at your command. The world is your oyster when it comes to beautiful ambiance lighting, and the ability to set the mood after dark is priceless.

Plants and Flowers

Plants make us happier, scientifically. Being around plants has been found to lower blood pressure, reduce anxiety, improve general well-being, and much more. Adding some potted plants or planters to your outdoor space will make it infinitely more lively and relaxing. Both lush greenery and bright flowers have a place in your outdoor space, as the beauty of flowers can improve our mood and give us a chance to stop and smell the roses, literally.

Personal Touches

Nothing says cozy quite like having a space that’s all your own. Act as your own interior (or exterior!) stylist and decorate to your heart’s content while creating special features that make your space unique and personalized. Think: Windchimes, water features, tabletop fountains, homemade coasters, outdoor rugs that fit your style, and so much more. A cozy outdoor space is a space that feels like home, so be sure to put your mark on it.

No matter the size of the space you’re working with, you can turn it into a cozy escape from everyday life with these tips and tricks. After you’re done designing, you won’t want to go back inside!

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