We start the project by crafting mood boards to articulate the design and style direction. We curate inspirational images, creating digital mood boards. We will then restyle your existing space and transform it, using paint, furniture, and decor. This service includes a project furnishing and styling budget, procurement of all styling materials, and styling installation. 


Madak Interiors adopts a hands-on approach, working closely with both the client and their chosen contractor to facilitate smooth collaboration and ensure the successful realization of the envisioned designs. While Madak Interiors takes charge of styling budgets, the responsibility for renovation budgets is between the client and the contractor. This collaborative effort allows for effective cost management of the project. Madak Interiors specializes in the style of the home while the contractor handles the budget in the renovation process. This dual oversight ensures a comprehensive and well-coordinated approach.

Remodel & Restyle

Combining both our Remodel and Restyle serves to completely transform your space. This includes a project furnishing and style budget, project planning, procurement of styling materials, contractor management of renovation, and styling installation.

Specialty Projects

We love unique styling opportunities like product photoshoots, events, business spaces, vacation rentals, building exteriors and so much more. Schedule a consultation today to see if Madak Interiors is a good fit for your project!

Style Decisions

Ever pick something and then realize it doesn’t quite match your aesthetic? Unsure of what your “style” is? Wanting a better space but don’t know where to start? Madak Style will help you answer all these questions and guide you through the style process.

The Process

Complimentary Consultation

During this time we have the opportunity to get to know each other, talk about your ideas and explore your project needs.

Select a Service

Together we can decide if you would like to restyle or remodel your home, or do both. We’ll figure out the right combination for your project.

Let's Get Styling

This is the fun part, where we start making decisions, talking to contractors, placing orders and styling of your space!

Let’s Get Styling

Get the Space of Your Dreams!

Let’s Get Styling