Meet Tessina

Interior styling is more than just a passion for me; it's a part of my DNA. My introduction to this world began at a very young age when my parents immigrated from Germany to Canada and started their own Interior Design business, Lejeune Image Design. Through this I grew up surrounded by the artistry of design and style, and my love for it naturally got its roots and flourished.

My life has been a journey of traveling through over 50 countries, absorbing diverse cultures, lifestyles, and colors along the way. These experiences serve as constant inspiration, influencing how I infuse texture, warmth, and depth into my interior styling.

When working with clients, my objective is to bring elegance and sophistication into their spaces, creating environments that are not just aesthetically pleasing but also tell a unique story. I believe in going beyond merely filling a room; my focus is on discovering the soul of a space and providing it with a home. I find joy in the transformative power of details – whether it's the warmth of soft lighting, the addition of plants, or the careful play of textures, colors, and angles.

Stepping into a space, I take pride in envisioning the possibilities and witnessing the potential for change. A fresh perspective can dramatically alter the character of a room. I'm grateful to channel my passion for design and interiors into helping clients turn their spaces into something beautiful and soulful.

Let's embark on this styling journey together. xx

 Tessina Lejeunekopp
Tessina Lejeunekopp

2023 Best of Stanwood Award

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The Process

Complimentary Consultation

During this time we have the opportunity to get to know each other, talk about your ideas and explore your project needs.

Select a Service

Together we can decide if you would like to restyle or remodel your home, or do both. We’ll figure out the right combination for your project.

Let's Get Styling

This is the fun part, where we start making decisions, talking to contractors, placing orders and styling of your space!

Let’s Get Styling

Get the Space of Your Dreams!

Let’s Get Styling