How to Style Decorative Objects

March 17, 2022

Some people have a hard time finding the value of sculptural objects and often refer to them as one of those unnecessary interior design things that are just there to make things look a certain way. And that’s understandable to an extent—it’s kind of challenging to place an object that has little to no purpose in the middle of your coffee table without it looking awkward or out of place.

That being said, sometimes those decorative objects that have no tangible purpose can actually become the centerpiece of a room and the one thing that truly holds it together!

If you want to learn about how you can take a decorative object and turn it into a statement piece in your home, then below, we will give you several tips for achieving just that. 

Don’t Overthink It 

Decorative objects can make any room look masterfully designed. They bring a sense of completeness to the space, giving people the impression you have carefully evaluated your living space. 

Awe-inspiring items are fool-proof. A large, intriguing sculpture can elevate the decoration of an entryway, while a smaller decorative object placed on your coffee table immediately adds style and dimension to your living room. 

One of the best ways to feel confident in your decorative object placement is not to overthink it! Just like the saying regarding confidence: “fake it ‘till you make it,” don’t hesitate to play around with different object placements until you find something you like. 

Find a Balance 

If you’re trying to style an object and something just doesn’t feel right, then you should try experimenting a bit. For example, look at how you’re balancing the visual weight in the surrounding area. 

You might find that things would look better if you add a lamp to the other side of a table as a way to make everything look put together. Or you can try adding some contrast with different materials to avoid creating a feeling of monotony or over-simplicity.

The Rule of Three 

This is a rule used in interior design in order to create depth, rhythm, and visual interest. You can think of it as a composition of elements designed to draw your attention when in the room. For example, seeing the same patterns, colors, and shapes spread throughout a room can make the space feel cohesive. 

By using the rule of three, you can add both symmetry and a focal point to your living space. In addition to the rule of three, here are a few things you should consider when doing your interior design: 

This technique called the rule of three can work in any room—it can either be used to create your decorative exposée or repeated throughout the space with various designs and themes. 

Embrace Change 

Part of the magic of interior design is that nothing is ever stuck in one place. You can switch up the feel of any room whenever you want, and often. It can be done by simply repainting the walls or just moving a few objects around. 

The same mentality can be applied to using decorative objects in your home. If you see a small sculpture or a decorative vase you absolutely love, don’t hold back from buying it just because it’s a little bit different than your current designs scheme. In all likelihood, you can figure out how to style it nicely in your home now, but even if you can’t, you will one day!

Make it Personal 

The objects that you place in your home depend entirely on your personal taste, budget, and sense of style. It’s generally a good rule of thumb to avoid buying sculptures or paintings just because they’re “in.” Make sure you love it!

Along with that, a great way to get started with styling decorative objects in a way you like is using objects that have sentimental value or other personal meaning to you. It might feel less out-of-place to have your grandmother’s old crystal bowls on the entryway table than a new piece from a home decor shop.

Final Thoughts 

Remember that decorating your home is a personal experience at the end of the day. You’re the person who should enjoy the way your living space looks. It doesn’t have to look like a spread in a magazine, nor does it have to comply with current trends —it should just feel like home to you and to your family.

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