Top 6 Design Trends for 2022

December 21, 2021

Each New Year brings a dose of optimism and joy because another chapter in the book of our lives begins. One of the best ways to beautify each new chapter of our lives is by beautifying the interior of our homes! Soon it will be 2022, which means new habits, new color schemes, and new interior design trends to make your home come to life.

Interior stylist or not, you probably felt the frustration that came with home decorating the past year or so. In 2020 and 2021, our homes also became our workplaces, our children’s classrooms, and our main space for entertainment, so we had to mix aesthetics with creativity and function. 

The home office lifestyle will likely continue in 2022, but everyone has a little more experience with what to expect and how to make the most of it. Nothing can stop you from making your home the coolest, coziest, and trendiest place to be this year.

So what can you expect from 2022? Textured fabrics, natural lighting, vintage items, and a lot of houseplants. If you want to learn all about the six most anticipated interior design trends in 2022, then keep on reading this article. 

1. Go Vintage 

Vintage items are making a comeback. For some of you, maybe they never went out of style. Decorating a home in a vintage style involves the inclusion of furniture, pieces of decor, and color schemes from an earlier time. All the elements of a vintage style together often evoke a comfortable feeling of nostalgia and wonder.

Shopping vintage is very trendy because it is a sustainable option, and in addition, it gives the space a “vibe makeover”. Every antique or repurposed piece of furniture pays homage to a different time in history and can bring a lot of life into a room. Another great thing about committing to the vintage trend is that each vintage style is one of a kind, as you can choose to mix and match objects from different time periods.

2. Natural Light

Natural lighting is a technique that represents the efficient penetration of light into your home. This technique is created using large windows and skylights and can be elevated by using cleverly placed mirrors. In addition to making a room look brighter, cheerier, and larger, this is also a way to reduce artificial lighting, which can actually have detrimental effects on physical and mental health in some situations. Using natural light also saves energy, which is good for your wallet and the planet!

Given that we are obliged to spend more time at home due to the pandemic, this technique is beneficial and makes our homes much more pleasant. Furthermore, high windows and roof windows also give us a better view of the outside, which can help reduce stress.

3. Natural and Earthy Materials

In addition to natural lighting, natural materials are also expected to make a splash in the design space in 2022. In addition to the growing trend to bring inspiration from the outdoors into our homes (plants, earthy tones, neutral paints, soft/natural shapes), natural materials are frequently more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

In addition to being high quality, natural materials refresh any space and give it a unique and long-lasting beauty. Some natural materials to keep an eye on in the new year include wood (all kinds), bamboo, brick, stone, glass, and natural fibers/fabrics.

4. Use Textured Fabrics to Add Depth

Finding furniture, blankets, rugs, wall hangings, etc., with unique or eye-catching textures will help give a room personality and depth. You can keep things comfortable while changing up textures一just go for smooth fabrics like velvet, fluffy/complex textures like sherpa or knitted wool, or even silk and satin. Having a variety of fabric materials and textures makes for a more engaging atmosphere and makes the space more visually appealing.

5. Eye-Catching Accents

If you enjoy having a sophisticated, put-together space but don’t want it to be boring or dull, this trend might be for you. When using boldly colored or designed accents, it can be helpful to start with a mostly neutral space. This means subdued paint colors and decor that will contrast nicely with your accents of choice. For example, if your living room has a tan/beige paint scheme and a lighter-colored couch, adding a dark-colored coffee table or piece of art will attract more attention than it would otherwise. It becomes the statement piece of the room.

The impression created by black or otherwise bold accents will ground the room and define the overall feeling of a space. Here are some other possible accent pieces to consider: lamps, shelves, drawer handles and doorknobs, tables, vases, art pieces, and more.

6. The Houseplant Takeover

Houseplants have been a staple in interior design for a long time, but in recent years (and going into 2022), having an abundance of house plants has become a massive trend. Houseplants produce a soothing atmosphere and allow us to connect with nature while in the comfort of our own homes. Some people have gone so far as to dedicate a corner一or an entire room一to their plants.

It has also been proven that houseplants and greenery reduce stress and improve mood and productivity. So, in addition to their visual appeal, plants have a functional purpose.

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