DIY Outdoor Dry Bar

August 12, 2021

The outdoor dry bar is our new favorite spot! And we are so excited to share with you what we did. I took my kids’ abandoned playhouse that had honestly become a bit of an eyesore in the backyard and gave it new life!

We repurposed this playhouse and made a rustic DIY outdoor dry bar. For our project we started with a solid structure and only needed to make a few small structural changes to the front wall. We were able to reuse the wood from the wall to make the bar top. We then add a few coats of fresh crisp white paint. Remember to use exterior paint rather than interior paint. And for even better longevity use an exterior paint with a primer. It will hold up to the elements much better. For storage and functionality we added shelves to the back wall and installed a pendant light fixture over the bar. To bring this project all together we added some rustic decor accessories. Oh of course we added the drinks!

After some hard work and love we were able to transform this well-loved playhouse into a unique place to entertain guests. This type of project can certainly vary in cost and time depending on what your end goal is. Our project was relatively inexpensive because we were able to repurpose a lot of materials and accessories.

Tips for Any DIY Project

  • Make a plan or use a premade plan
    • Making a plan will help keep costs down and keep the project on time.
  • Make a mood board
    • Find inspiration and curate your ideas in one place.
  • Assess the materials you have
    • This allows you to find out what materials you will need.
  • Find any additional materials you will need (nails, glue, paint, etc…)
    • To help with budget try to find materials that you can repurpose.
  • Always use the appropriate materials & tools
    • Having the right materials & tools always makes a difference in speed & quality.
  • Always use the appropriate materials & tools
    • Having the right materials & tools always makes a difference in speed & quality.
  • Budget for accessories to make your design pop!
    • You can certainly repurposed decor and hit up a thrift store to find budget friendly items.

No matter what DIY project you’re working on, have fun and give yourself the space to be creative. Paint and decor can always be reimaged!

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