Kitchen Trends You'll Be Seeing This Year

April 7, 2022

Many people call the kitchen “the heart of the home,” and there’s a reason for that. The kitchen is a constantly active living space that sees everything from family dinners and holiday celebrations to intimate date nights and exam study sessions. 

But even more than that, kitchens are a microcosm of our daily lives, our routine, and the way we like to organize things—the way our kitchens look and feel can have a huge influence on the atmosphere of the whole house.

Like every year, 2022 will bring several new kitchen design trends. This article will give you a glimpse into six trends that you’re sure to see before 2023.

Custom Organization

Because people spend so much time in the kitchen, they want the space to be accessible and usable without sacrificing the looks or aesthetics of the room. Nowadays, kitchens are designed to be both creative and well-organized. 

The aim is to give homeowners the best of both worlds: a space that both looks good and functions well. Thus, the popularity of built-in specialty organizers is constantly increasing, and many homeowners choose to upgrade their storage space with these kinds of custom solutions. Custom organization solutions can be used for anything from food and spice storage to cooking pots and flatware.

Statement-Making Slabs 

In 2022, both homeowners and designers are looking to create a visually pleasing kitchen with some personality. One of the most defining pieces in any kitchen is the countertop, and many people are still holding out for the perfect slab of marble or granite. These sought-after materials come in more than just the traditional neutral colors, and some bolder looks are on their way in.

This year, designers expect that people will make more adventurous choices for their countertop slabs, including some interesting textural inlays or marble streak additions, as well as some less-common color choices.

Upgraded Details 

It’s the little things that make a big difference, and making upgrades to the less-thought-about details in your home can make your kitchen feel more polished and put together.

One of this year’s favorite design trends involves featuring the range as the kitchen's focal point and then anchoring it with a statement hood. Nowadays, more and more homeowners are willing to move away from standard cabinetry hoods and instead embrace natural stone, tile, or even metal, like burnished brass. All of these materials can add a specific and unique character to the space. 

Playful Colors 

No need to run to the store to buy paint—having a white kitchen will always be in style, and if that’s your preference, then stick to it. However, if you want to give your home a splash of color, then following the colorful 2022 design trends gives you an opportunity to do just that. 

This year, colors can be found on more than just the walls. Everything from appliances to countertops and cabinets might be a perfect vessel for adding some playful colors into your kitchen. The colors you want to include depend entirely on your own design schemes, but green tones are shaping up to be a popular addition this year.

Wood Finishes 

As the world continues to advance, more and more people have a desire to go back to nature. This, of course, partially explains the trend of using natural materials. Wood is poised for a comeback, from butcher blocks and cutting boards to exposed beams, both homeowners and designers are loving the natural feeling that wood brings to any space. 

Along with that, wood gives the kitchen a warmer feeling while still managing to look sophisticated and classy. 

Unique Cabinet Profiles 

Shaker cabinet profiles are often popular because they’re timeless and flexible. With that said, in 2022, you can expect to see more homeowners taking a risk and choosing more unusual styles for both the profile and shape of the cabinets in their kitchens. 

Rectangles are usually the norm—rectangular countertops, cabinet doors, cabinet profiles, and many other parts of the kitchen. However, now we’re seeing a move to more unique angles and designs, with cabinet profiles featuring things like rounded edges, more complex patterns, fluting, etc.

In Conclusion 

There are many new and exciting design trends that you can utilize in your own kitchen this year if you’re in a place to renovate. Use this article for inspiration when considering what upgrades and transformations your want to make, but remember that trends come and go, so you should always stay true to your own style and preferences!

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