5 Must-Know Holiday Decor Trends

November 23, 2021

For many of us, the holiday season is one of the most exciting and joyous times of the year. We get to stay at home, enjoy time with friends and family, and get wrapped up in the cozy atmosphere that comes with the holidays.

One of the best ways to get into the holiday spirit is by decorating your home, and you don’t need to be an interior designer to do so! Keep reading to get some great design ideas for the holidays and to learn about some of the most popular holiday decor trends.

5 Must-Know Holiday Decor Trends

Though it may seem like holiday decor stays the same year after year, the trends change just as often as other interior design trends do! While it’s perfectly reasonable to bring out a box of decades-old Christmas ornaments and other decorations for the sake of nostalgia and tradition, knowing what’s currently “in” for the season is never a bad idea. 

When you mix your old favorites with some new in-style decor, it ensures that your home always has a fresh, modern feeling while maintaining the same cozy atmosphere. Here are five trends to make note of for the coming holiday season.

1. Buffalo Plaid Galore

Last year, buffalo plaid prints were all the rage, and it looks like the trend will continue to have a following in 2021. 

Checkerboard-style quilts, wall-hangings, dishes, and wrapping paper of all different colors and designs can set the holiday mood. Buffalo plaid is a classic holiday pattern that is likely to remain popular for a long time to come. A more subtle checkerboard print can look great throughout the fall and winter seasons as well, making this decor multi-purpose.

2. Will Silver and Gold Ever Fall Out of Fashion?

Minimalist and maximalist styles have been increasingly popular, both of which get great use out of silver and gold decor. Silver and gold decorations can be used as striking and simple standalone centerpieces or as part of a gaudy display, making them a great choice no matter your style.

Silver goes with almost any other color, allowing it to work seamlessly with other decorations. Its cooler and more muted tone can give other pieces of decor space to shine while still adding extra sparkle. Gold contrasts well with silver and brings warmth to the decor, making your space even more comfortable and welcoming.

3. A Pop of Color

While red, green, silver, and gold will never completely go out of style, this holiday season is likely to be dominated by jewel tones and bright neons.

Some popular items you might see in your favorite decor retailer this year include jewel-toned linen stockings, neon signs for mood lighting, and colorful wreaths and decorations that bring a more jovial flair to your holiday festivities. 

4. Going Green for the Holidays

Eco-friendly, recycled, and repurposed decor is sure to be popular this season. You might see gifts being wrapped with fabric or recycled paper, DIY holiday decor, and other environmentally friendly alternatives.

If you celebrate Christmas and are planning on getting a tree, it might be prudent to consider getting a fake tree一but not one made from plastic! If you opt for a false tree that is made from organic or repurposed materials such as wood, you can have a reusable modern-looking (and long-lasting) tree, all while making a positive impact in the world.

5. Nostalgic Decorations

The past is knocking yet again! Trends from the 70s, 80s, and 90s are all back this year, especially in fashion and design. This means that decor that provides a sense of nostalgia will be trending this holiday season. 

The list of items getting a redemption this year might include ceramic Christmas trees, tinsel (eco-friendly, please!), nutcrackers, and even paper candles. This is the perfect opportunity to dig out old boxes of decorations and set up your parents’ and grandparents’ favorite festive decor.


The holiday season is a time of magic and joy for so many. No matter what you celebrate, the opportunity to rest and appreciate family, friends, food, and fun always lightens the mood.

The overall atmosphere and decor are a major part of what makes the holiday spirit so wonderful. Knowing the current trends can help you decorate your home in a stylish way for the holidays, but the most important part is to make design choices that make you feel happy and excited to celebrate regardless of what’s trending.

At the end of the day, holiday decor exists to help you feel the spirit of the holidays!

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